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Premium Cordyceps extract CS4 500mg 100 Capsules Vegan

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More energy and endurance - Cordyceps extract.

The Ophiocordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps for short, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and is a special mushroom in many ways. The fungus native to the Tibetan highlands is a parasitic tubular fungus that grows on and in the caterpillars of a special moth species. Since the wild form of Cordyceps is very rare and therefore very expensive, it is sometimes also called "the imperial mushroom". Due to the drastic increase in demand, which can no longer be covered by wild collections, the cultivation of the mushroom mycelium used for our product is now carried out on a special nutrient solution consisting of a vegetable culture substrate. According to scientific studies, the same ingredients remain in comparison to the wild form, so that all properties can also be found in the cultivated form. The many health-promoting properties that the medicinal mushroom is said to have are due to its valuable ingredients. The bioactive components it contains include a number of amino acids, trace elements and minerals as well as vitamins. It also contains polysaccharides such as galactomannan, beta-glucans, cyclofurans and beta-mannans.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the Cordyceps has a strong connection to the functional group kidney and is traditionally valued as a proven tonic to support vital and life energy. According to tradition, the vitalizing effect of the mushroom is said to have been recognized for the first time by the shepherds in Tibet's high mountains, who observed an improvement in their resistance in winter in their yaks and sheep, which ate the mushrooms. Asian athletes like to use it because of its energy and endurance increasing properties.

For our Cordyceps extract, the soluble parts are removed from the mushroom powder and then evaporated, so that a concentrate remains that contains the therapeutically important secondary ingredients in the best possible availability. This premium Cordyceps extract variant has a particularly high polysaccharide content of 40%.

Consume 2 capsules daily with sufficient liquid.

Dietary supplement with plant extract.

Ingredients: 81% Chinese caterpillar mycelium extract (Cordyceps sinensis) (contains 40% polysaccharides), coating agent: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (vegetable capsule shell)

Chinese caterpillar mycelium extract 1000 mg
contains 400 mg polysaccharides

100 capsules = 62 g