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Green-lipped Mussel Concentrate 500 mg 150 Capsules Green-lipped Mussel from New Zealand

Product.Nr.: N10017
weight: 0,09 kg
Manufacturer: Vita World

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500 mg of pure green lipped mussel powder per capsule

The supplier of glycosaminoglycans - green-lipped mussel concentrate.

The green-lipped mussel belongs to the mussel family and comes from the waters off New Zealand. There, the up to 17 cm large mussel has been considered a popular and healthy food with many valuable nutrients by the Maoris for centuries. It is valued primarily for the high proportion of glycosaminoglycans - amino sugars that the body needs for the formation of cartilage tissue and cartilage lubricant - and its high protein content. The green-lipped mussel also contains important omega-3 fatty acids, numerous lipids, minerals and vitamins as well as carbohydrates.

Of particular interest is the use of green-lipped mussel products for joint problems. With increasing age, the body produces less and less the important substance glucosamine, which is urgently needed for the lubricants of the joints. Here the glycosaminoglycans present in the green-lipped mussel can counteract the glucosamine deficiency.