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Hesperidin 100 Capsules Vegan 100% Natural Hesperidin

Product.Nr.: N13169
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Manufacturer: Vita World

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100% natural hesperidin from the bitter orange
Hesperidin is a natural bioflavonoid
465 mg of pure hesperidin per capsule
The Antioxidant Power of Bitter Orange - Hesperidin Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found primarily in the peel of citrus fruits. Flavonoids contribute to the color but also the smell and taste of the fruit. Our body cannot produce bioflavonoids itself, but must obtain them from food or supplements. Bioflavonoids are powerful radical scavengers. They act synergistically with vitamin C and can protect it from oxidation. Our hesperidin is 100% natural. It is obtained from the bitter orange (Citrus aurantium L.). 
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