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Lysine 600 mg Plus Zinc 10 mg 120 Capsules Vegetarian/Vegan

Product.Nr.: N10237
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Manufacturer: Vita World

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Combined for the immune system - Lysine 600 zinc 10.

Lysine and zinc in this combination of active ingredients support the immune system in different ways. The proteinogenic L-amino acid lysine is an important protein building block that is required for the building and maintenance of muscle and connective tissue. However, lysine is one of the essential amino acids that are not produced by the body, but must be ingested with food. Animal foods such as dairy products, meat, fish and eggs come first, and soybeans and lentils have the highest lysine content in vegetable foods.

The indispensable trace element zinc plays an important role in human sugar, fat and protein metabolism. In addition, zinc is a component of a large number of enzymes and is required both for building up genetic material and for cell growth. Zinc is therefore just as indispensable for the growth and maintenance of bones, hair, skin and nails as it is for normal functioning of the immune system.

Consume 1 capsule daily before a meal with sufficient liquid.

Dietary supplement with amino acid and mineral.

Ingredients: 80.3% L-lysine hydrochloride, coating agent: hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (vegetable capsule shell), 4.2% zinc citrate trihydrate

L-lysine hydrochloride 620 mg, of which L-lysine 496 mg, Zinc 10 mg

120 capsules = 92.6 g