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Zinc Drops 15 mg 50 ml (approx. 1300 drops), Highly Bioavailable Zinc Compound, Easy to Dose, Vegan

Product.Nr.: N13185
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Manufacturer: Vita World

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Highly bioavailable zinc compound in drop form as zinc sulphate

Supports the immune system.

Important daily - zinc drops 15 mg
Zinc is one of the vital trace elements that the body cannot produce itself and therefore has to take in with food. The body needs the essential trace element for numerous metabolic processes, starting with protein synthesis and cell division, through many hormones that cannot do without zinc, to the immune system, digestion, blood formation and sperm production, for which zinc is essential. Since the body does not have a zinc store, a daily intake of zinc is recommended. In addition to oysters, which contain a particularly high amount of zinc, foods with a high zinc content include beef, seafood, sea fish, as well as cheese and other dairy products, as well as eggs and whole grain foods. It should be noted that zinc from animal foods can be better utilized by the body than zinc from plant sources.

For healthy people, an intake of approx. 15 mg per day is recommended, for pregnant and breastfeeding women the recommendation is approx. 25 mg, as they have a higher daily requirement. An increased intake of zinc is sometimes recommended for athletes as well, since they lose part of the important trace element again through sweat and increased physical exertion as well as stress can also lead to a higher zinc requirement. Since vegetarians and vegans, due to their plant-based diet, take in more phytic acid, which together with zinc forms an insoluble compound that prevents zinc intake, an increased intake can also make sense for them.