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Mineral Complex 120 Capsules Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Silica (Silicea), Zinc, Vegan

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Manufacturer: Vita World

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Minerals in the highly effective citrate form
With zinc to support the acid-base metabolism
Natural silicon from bamboo extract
Without fillers
For a balanced acid-base balance - base capsules
The acid-base balance is an extremely important regulatory system for the human body, which ensures a balanced ratio of acids and bases through different metabolic processes. The value of acids or bases given as the pH value is not constant everywhere in the body, but varies in blood, saliva, lymph or urine as well as in the various organs.
External factors such as stress, an unbalanced diet and physical exertion can lead to a higher consumption of basic minerals and thus throw the acid-base balance out of balance. Acids are formed in the body when carbohydrates are broken down, but also in protein metabolism and fat burning. If too much animal protein is consumed or if many sweet drinks such as lemonade or cola are drunk, the acid load increases. Fasting cures and diets as well as a lack of vitamins or trace elements can also lead to an increased acid load. The result: the body stores the excess acids in the connective tissue to prevent acidification in other areas of the body. When it comes to the ingredients for our base capsules, we have selected active ingredients that are known for their deacidifying effect and support the body. Potassium, magnesium and calcium in citrate form are well absorbed by the cells and deacidify. The silicon obtained from bamboo extract is a component of connective tissue and bones. Zinc also plays an indispensable role in the acid-base balance. Zinc is a cofactor of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, which is very important for the acid-base metabolism and is indispensable for the work of this enzyme. The enzyme carbonic anhydrase can stimulate both base production and acid production - depending on what the body needs to keep the metabolic process in balance.

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