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Colostrum 400mg 60 Capsules

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Rich in natural immune factors - colostrum
Colostrum is the first milk of mammals, produced within the first 24 to 72 hours. Like the milk that is formed later, it contains numerous proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential and non-essential amino acids, but in some cases in significantly higher proportions. The reason for this is that this first milk strengthens the newborn, supports its immune system as effectively as possible and protects it from environmental influences. For example, colostrum contains numerous important antibodies such as the immunoglobins G, A, M, D and E. Colostrum obtained from cows is very similar to that of humans, but is even richer in important ingredients. Since the amino acids do not differ in humans and cows, the colostrum obtained from cows also has a positive effect on humans.

The colostrum used here from cows is obtained within the first day after calving and is then first skimmed, then freeze-dried and finally processed into powder. It does not contain any allergenic substances.